About me


I come from Cremona (Italy). I studied economics and specialised in social development and local governance reforms. I have lived and worked overseas during the the last eighteen years: Scotland, Spain, Finland, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines.  Since mid-2013 I have been based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and will stay here for few more years. I have worked and researched decentralisation reforms and civil society participation in local development processes. I have a PhD from Tampere University (Finland) on the decentralisation of education in Cambodia. I am a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (United Kingdom) working on evidence based policy making. I am also a senior advisor on knowledge demand and use at the Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia. I am interested in governance reforms and the way policy makers can make greater and better use of various types of knowledge and  research evidence to inform their decisions.

Through this blog I want to share what I am learning from the activities and processes I am involved .

Disclaimer: this blog is my personal work, and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of any of my current or past employers.